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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Ashtar Speaks: "Rodon, the Agarthan and the Reunification of Gaia`s Outer and inner Realms " – March 6, 2013

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Ashtar Speaks – "Rodon, the Agarthan and the Reunification of Gaia`s Outer and inner Realms " – March 6, 2013

Dear Philipp,

I am grateful to speak through you again. This time is a very special event, because I would like to make a gift to Humanity. The gift is the truth about your background and your connection to your brothers and sisters inside of Gaia. When we have spoken so far of Disclosure, we have by majority mentioned the star brothers and sisters and informed you, that they are your family. We have always pointed out, that sisters and brothers of you are living inside of Gaia, that are much closer to you, quasi "living under your feet".

The inner realms of Gaia are so fascinating and encompassing and yet you know so little of your inside-Earth-family. We have already pointed out, that disclosure especially includes the truth about your connection to these realms inside of Gaia. Still too much you are looking to the sky and pray that we, your star brothers and sisters should come to you. Thereby you forget that merging with your family from inside the Earth is almost more important, because they, this family inside of Gaia, is such an important part of you and these parts must be first reunited before the further development of Gaia can go ahead. Disclosure also includes just that: the reunification and consolidation of families on the surface with those inside the Earth.

For this reason, I use the opportunity today, and it is my great honor introducing Rodon to you, your brother of Agartha. He is the representative of the people of Agartha, which was entrusted with the task of representing all realms within the Earth, and there are plenty (more on that later), to establish contact with the family on the ground. I now ask Rodon in my stead to continue this message to Humanity:

Dear Family. I am Rodon. I am thanking Ashtar that I am allowed to assume and talk to you. Like Ashtar stated, I am the representative of my people, which lives inside the Earth. Our kingdom is called Agartha and we are the Agarthans. We are a nation who has fully integrated 5th dimension and is about ascending into 6th Dimension. Please understand that your ascension and that of Gaia are inextricably linked to our ascension, for we are of mutually "dependent". We can only rise, if you do as well. As outside so inside, you see?

Such a long time we are by your side, we have tracked the sinking of Atlantis and taken a long time to get over this painful experience. All of you, who are here on Gaia and have agreed to assist in the transformation that is taking place now, are in some way connected to this destruction of Atlantis. This experience has accompanied you through all your incarnations and causing you pain, sorrow and inexplicable dreams. This will now be resolved in your present incarnation, and if we can add this, most of you have successfully put this behind.

We crave so much for unify with you again. We have moved to the inner realms of Gaia, because we knew that the outer Earth would develop into the darkness. We fled from this development, in order to be able to assist our brothers and sister in the outer Earth with our high level of awareness.

We descended into the inner realm of Gaia and found a new home. We tried again and again to show you the path of love and happiness. It was painful for us having to watch as your path led into a deeper and deeper darkness.

Your self-chosen path led to large, destructive consequences for Gaia. You've been so successful in your created reality, that you did separate from All That Is and forget any relationship with your ancestry, to your brothers and sisters. Your action became a serious and menacing threat to Gaia.

Our beloved mother Earth has supported you and patiently allowed your development, even if great harm was done to her. However, as your evolution would have led to her destruction, she asked for help and this was heard.

Together with our star family we intervened. We have been authorized to maneuver the ship, which you have so persistently navigated towards the iceberg, into calmer and safer waters. We should make sure that your actions cannot lead to the destruction of Gaia. Therefore, we also have often intervened when you with your technologies were near to destroy Gaia. Not to mention your nuclear weapons technology. These successful interventions happened in close cooperation with your stars brothers and sisters.

In parallel to our efforts, you have been vibrationally raised so much by the incoming cosmic light that you could depart more and more from your initial course. Your development is phenomenal. You made it, and we congratulate you from heart! If we say that we have helped you, then this should in no way detract from your development, for our help could only be accepted because you have developed vibrationally. You see, everything is connected to everything.

You've developed so far, that you are ready now, not only to know your past, but deal with it calmly and lovingly. Now, if you'll soon learn more truths, and by that we do not mean only the truth about ourselves, then there is a great potential, that you do not drift off in fear. We, of the inner Earth are looking forward to a reunion with the populations of the outer Earth.

The story about your ancestry will be revealed to you. It is you, dear lightworkers, who will help your brothers and sisters, to deal with the truth in an open, honest and loving way. Please do not judge on what you experience. Life on Gaia is a game. Everyone plays this game the way he sees his best. Accept other opinions, accepts that there are different points of view and do not try to change the views of others. You remember, free will?

Be available to your brothers and sisters on the outer Earth with a helping hand. It will be  a great test for Humanity and you will be challenged a lot. We see that you will be able to accept this truth. Understand that so much depends on dealing with the truth. Understand that the acceptance of the truth is essential for your progression and your reunion with your star families inside of Gaia.

This channeling contains a wealth of information for you and an energy that will evoke memories with you. Deal with it lovingly and know that you are capable enough to deal with these awakened emotions, thoughts and memories. We miss you so much and if you believe that you are homesick, then you cannot imagine how much we long for the reunion with you.

One more thing, regarding homesickness: Many of you lightworkers have just recently an inexplicable feeling of homesickness that makes you sad. Even if you have not yet reached the necessary energy to be able to enter our realm with your body, so you visit us often in your dreams, and with your energy bodies. Every time you are visiting us, we celebrate this in a way that is full of joy, love and happiness. You are so happy when you're with us, and so sad when you have to go back. In many cases, therefore, where this feeling of homesickness arises in you and you cannot explain where this feeling comes from, this homesickness comes from the subconscious memory of these visits and the associated happiness.

I leave you now, without ever hover over you. We will compare notes with one another and we are looking forward to that.

Alaoh (= Rodon’s complimentary close which means “from the bottom of my heart”),

Your brother Rodon

Channeller: Philipp

Translated from German to English:  Petra ST 

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Full government disclosure of ET presence on Earth

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This cover-up, using media disinformation and hoaxes, has kept humanity from open contact with highly-advanced benevolent galactic citizens, capable of interstellar travel faster than the speed of light. In doing so, world leaders have deprived this planet of advanced propulsion and energy technologies that could have completely transformed human civilization by now, to a level of global well-being, connectedness, and environmental health few have yet even dreamed of.

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